The One Who Authors my Story

It's been some time since we've enjoyed the mountains of Van Buren County. This year, I missed fall's colors, lazy days of reading from the porch swing, and watching for wildlife. Yet, I treasured the solitude in the early hours today; I was up before dawn putting thoughts and words together. The outdoor temperature of... Continue Reading →

The Setting Sun

We crossed the Audubon Bridge at sunset and as darkness fell, the flames atop the sugar cane shone brightly. No metaphor for the brevity of human life is more prominent than the rising and setting of the sun. We do well to ponder Paul's words to the Corinthians regarding ministry to the saints as we... Continue Reading →

Ruth Part Three: God Works in the Details

When things don't work out like we thought, there can be a sudden turn in our path catching us completely by surprise. Have you ever faced a crossroads in life? Ruth certainly did. In 1:6-18, a geographical and spiritual turning point exists. A key word in the study of Ruth is “return.” This Hebrew word... Continue Reading →

The Thick Morning Fog

As we exited the streetcar onto the concrete landing, we stepped around a young woman who was lying there, passed out in the heat of the day. Her profession seemed obvious by her skirt that was raised, her fishnet stockings held by a garter, and her body exposed. I caught a glimpse of what appeared... Continue Reading →

It Is Written: The Bible as God’s Necessary Revelation

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. - Rom. 10:17 Though God can reveal himself in many forms, he chose to address our relationship with him in Scripture. This is information humans desperately need but have access to nowhere else. Hence, given the moral universe God created, with its rules for... Continue Reading →

Peace Reigns in my Soul

Monday will be my 61st birthday. I'm sharing my writing from 2020. Thoughts on my Upcoming Birthday My writing desk today is a wooden table with a spectacular view. While nestled in the mountains of Van Buren County, the blue skies and gentle breeze affords me a quiet setting for reflection. The country road to... Continue Reading →

What’s on the Horizon?

As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I take seriously those opportunities God affords to serve my family. I strongly agree with Martha Peace who writes “God’s will for every Christian wife is that her most important ministry be to her husband (Genesis 2:18)." Aside from my husband and family, I am best able to serve... Continue Reading →

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