Rest: Satisfied in Jesus Christ

In previous posts for this series, we have explored rest in relation to trusting God, imaging God, and obeying God. In this final post, we consider what it looks like to rest in the midst of difficulties because as Christians, we are able to have a satisfied spirit while resting in Jesus. How do we... Continue Reading →

Rest: Obeying God

True rest is where we regularly, intentionally engage in God's rule and reign in our hearts.  Who rules your heart? Since God’s promise of rest still remains for those who choose to enter it, they should seize the opportunity. The rest that awaits is a spiritual rest that comes only from placing one’s full allegiance in... Continue Reading →

Rest: Imaging God

What are you pursuing that promises Deeper rest? I’m convinced that each woman has something in her heart that she falsely believes will bring her rest. Many, no...most times, we are looking for peace, in all the wrong places. Whether it's the calendar we keep or the life choices we make in the midst... Continue Reading →

Rest: Trusting God

I sat across from the younger woman and as we enjoyed our lunch, I said "My plate is literally empty." Ironically, I wasn't referring to the plate resting on the table in front of me but rather the squares on my calendar, the to-do list, and the usual stack of files on the corner of my... Continue Reading →

Recommendations: Theological Books and Studies

This semester of Christian Theology for Women will be coming to a close on Sunday evening. It's been a great academic year studying Doctrine of the Word of God and Doctrine of God. The women who've studied alongside me have been faithful in their studies and class attendance. These ladies display a hunger for theological... Continue Reading →

Our Promise Keeping God

We often find ourselves stretched on difficult days and decision making has the potential to become a challenge. Times will come when we might regret making a commitment, yet it is necessary to keep one’s word. But there is a sense in which, despite our best efforts, every promise we make is conditional because we... Continue Reading →

Six Keys to Trusting God’s Faithfulness

If God loves us, why must we experience pain? Scripture tells us that we will in fact have times of trials and when the pain becomes too painful, our theology plays a role in how we respond. Trusting God is more than a feeling; it's a choice. Because scripture is the voice of God, trusting... Continue Reading →

Contentment, Part Six

The Secret of Contentment In Part Five of this series we looked at unbelief as the source of discontentment. Discontentment is a sin; it denies the right of God to do with us as He wills and it ignores the promise that God will never allow us to suffer more than we are able. (1 Cor.... Continue Reading →

Contentment, Part Five

The Source of Discontentment Why do we as believers often struggle with discontentment? What is the source of discontentment? In Part Four, we looked at the character of God as the foundation for contentment and how most times, people lack knowledge of God's identity, God's nature, and God's character. Simply put, the consistency of our... Continue Reading →

Contentment, Part Four

The Foundation of Contentment A. W. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Most times, people lack knowledge of God's identity, God's nature, and God's character. Our God is incomprehensible but we do know a few things about him with study of the Word. We know... Continue Reading →

Contentment, Part Three

Contentment is for Every Christian Early in this series, we established that contentment is independent of circumstances. In Part Two, we looked at where contentment is rooted. Both are contrary to the consistent message of the world: that happiness is found in more, better, and newer experiences. Contentment goes beyond emotions; it is never dependent... Continue Reading →

Contentment, Part Two

Where is Contentment Rooted? In Part One, we saw contentment as hard doctrine intersecting with real life: True contentment is not dependent on circumstances. Contentment does not envy people, places, or things. Difficult times and hard circumstances come for every believer but God promises that He will be with us, strengthening us. For the Christian,... Continue Reading →

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