Stay the Course

The apostle Paul is our best example of staying the course. He endured beatings, imprisonment, false accusation, and difficulties most of us can only imagine. Yet at life’s end, he passed the torch to Timothy and spurred him on. Finishing strong requires courage; Paul’s bravery was intentional and God-supplied. It’s in those moments that require […]

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Discipleship: I Need Help

Many women in today’s church seem to struggle with the definition of discipleship, mostly because they have unrealistic ideas about what it should look like in the first place. Often, when they begin to grasp what discipleship should look like, they become frustrated by their lack of theological knowledge or inability to squeeze a Bible […]

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Doctrine of the Word of God

As Christians we come to the Bible primarily to learn about God and in the process, we learn about ourselves and our world. The Bible is a story about God and how he has revealed himself to humanity, an unfolding story of redemptive history. It is the revelation of God and God’s history with us. […]

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