New Series: Caring for an Aging Parent

Are you or someone you know caring for an aging parent? I've revisited my dad's journey with Lewy Body Dementia and will be sharing a little on Father's Day weekend. Truth is, it was a journey I took with him. It was hard but God had a purpose in those years. I pray that my... Continue Reading →

The Sideways Glance

A vacation begins with planning that many times only considers ideal situations and circumstances. Bags are packed, car loaded, and the kids are crammed in. The gps is set, the plan is on go and… We drove away at dusk on the familiar route of winding Highway 7. By the time we reached the small... Continue Reading →

Have Hope Always

The church at Rome experienced suffering, persecution, had been wrecked with false teaching and division. But here, in the opening of Chapter 5, Paul summarizes what he has established thus far in his writing "having been reconciled by God." This theme in the background places emphasis on the concept that we have peace with God.... Continue Reading →

Steadfast Obedience Endures

I landed in the ER on a Sunday after several days of pain with my back. The X-rays showed some extensive issues with my spine that will need to be addressed as soon as possible. A few days later, I visited the urgent care clinic for additional symptoms which led to a diagnosis of shingles.... Continue Reading →

Let me Tell You

Although I am miles away from Beth and Russ today, my thoughts are with them. When our kids get married and most times have families of their own, they take on added responsibilities. Their time and how they slice the 24 hour days looks differently. Frankly, the calls to Mom become few and their times... Continue Reading →

Discipline to Stay in the Bible

Spring teaching has wrapped up for me and as of now, I will be spending an extended period of time away from home. The next thing on my agenda will be planning for the August workshop which will be done remotely. So just like many of you, over the summer months I realize the importance... Continue Reading →

Fruit of Our Labors

When I hurt, I prayed. When I wept, I went to the Word. When I lamented, it moved me to worship. I continued asking the Lord what he had for me each and every day. In his graciousness, the Lord and his church consistently had work for me that positioned me for gratitude - Opportunity... Continue Reading →

Growing Pains

Faith may seem strong when things are going well, but when challenges arise we begin to see what lurks in the crevices of the heart. Does your faith quickly wither and die in times of difficulty, or will you remain steadfast? In the growing pains of life, defining moments in events and experiences can hit... Continue Reading →

Careful Study

It is important to study and learn because God has revealed Himself to his people in general revelation (creation) and special revelation (the Bible). He gave us a book, one that is not meant to sit on a shelf, but to be read, searched, studied, and understood. But most important, it is to be lived... Continue Reading →

Women in the Local Church: Friendship

Two are better than one,    because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down,    one can help the other up.But pity anyone who falls    and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.    But how can one keep warm alone?Though one may be overpowered,    two can defend... Continue Reading →

Called Out

The church is God’s people, his ecclesia or ekklesia in the Greek. The church is the “called out of” ones. We are called out of the world in order that we might be the possession of him who called. We are called out of lostness into joy. For example, Romans 1:6. Paul is writing to... Continue Reading →

Women in the Local Church: Intentional Learning

Our minds develop rapidly while young, but if you are over 30, there is a slow yet steady decline in the ability to learn new things. The hard truth is that over time, we increasingly have difficulty flexing our minds enough to learn new skills, a new language, or change a long-term attitude. If we... Continue Reading →

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