Come Find Your Tribe

Whether you are a new mom yearning for adult voices, a woman who works 40+ hours a week and struggles to get out the door with matching shoes, or the empty nester who is searching for meaningful friendships to fill times of silence, I invite you to study with me. There's no "one size fits... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Influence

As women... We have God-given potential to make a profound impact on church and family. If we are to leave a legacy of Christian faith, it is crucial we gain, retain, and share biblical knowledge for the benefit of those individuals we know and love. Do you recognize your spiritual influence, where it lies and possibilities... Continue Reading →

Growing and Serving in the Life of the Church

For most families the month of August signals a new school year. For me, the academic year brings opportunities to serve my sisters in Christ. Beginning this Saturday, an added opportunity presents itself in the form of a workshop for Bible interpretation. Additional workshops are anticipated for the future with the next one scheduled for... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Multiplication

Lydia, Ruth, and Esther found their way to my desk and have occupied much of my space over the past month. Through these women, we are given pictures of what it means to live as women of God. Their stories are wrapped in challenge, adversity, and beauty. The details of their homes, journeys, and lives... Continue Reading →

Living Out Our Confession

For the Christian, living in a fallen world sometimes means our conduct contradicts our confession. What does living out our confession look like? Does our discipleship match up to Jesus’ criteria of obedience and personal relationship? To sum up Matthew 7:21-23, repentance and faith can be distinguished but cannot be separated. Authentic repentance is a... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Four

Handle With Care In Weeks 2-3 of Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, our focus was the disciplines of reading and studying the Scriptures. In weeks 2-5 of the earlier series, we explored the Doctrine of the Word of God. We have now established a shallow foundation for Bible reading and study. Day One Continuing... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Two

Read the Bible Well In Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible Part One, Week One -You Are Invited, we determined the lack of spiritual disciplines in our society and the vast need for Christians to feed on God’s Word. Sadly, it is possible that many who call themselves Christian no longer place their trust in the Scriptures.... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week One

Perfect Posture Previously in the study, Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, a call to spiritual disciplines was presented, communicating both the importance of reading the Bible well, and the hard work of Bible study. God’s Word is so much more than printed words on paper; it has the power to sift and separate. God’s... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week Five

Authority & Sufficiency of the Scriptures In Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Part Four - Inerrancy & Infallibility of the Scriptures, we determined that the Bible, as God’s voice, is true and reliable in all the matters it addresses. Day One As we explore authority and sufficiency of Scripture, one must consider that not only... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week Four

Inerrancy & Infallibility of the Scriptures In Inspiration of the Scriptures, part three of Doctrines & Disciplines of the Bible, we established the importance of a right theology, affirming trustworthiness of the Bible by way of its divine inspiration. Proper understanding of this doctrine demands affirmation of inerrancy and infallibility. If we claim our Lord and Savior... Continue Reading →

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