Spiritual Influence

As women… We have God-given potential to make a profound impact on church and family. If we are to leave a legacy of Christian faith, it is crucial we gain, retain, and share biblical knowledge for the benefit of those individuals we know and love. Do you recognize your spiritual influence, where it lies and possibilities […]

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Discipleship: I Need Help

Many women in today’s church seem to struggle with the definition of discipleship, mostly because they have unrealistic ideas about what it should look like in the first place. Often, when they begin to grasp what discipleship should look like, they become frustrated by their lack of theological knowledge or inability to squeeze a Bible […]

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The Importance of Multiplication

Lydia, Ruth, and Esther found their way to my desk and have occupied much of my space over the past month. Through these women, we are given pictures of what it means to live as women of God. Their stories are wrapped in challenge, adversity, and beauty. The details of their homes, journeys, and lives […]

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Living Out Our Confession

For the Christian, living in a fallen world sometimes means our conduct contradicts our confession. What does living out our confession look like? Does our discipleship match up to Jesus’ criteria of obedience and personal relationship? To sum up Matthew 7:21-23, repentance and faith can be distinguished but cannot be separated. Authentic repentance is a […]

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