Careful Study

It is important to study and learn because God has revealed Himself to his people in general revelation (creation) and special revelation (the Bible). He gave us a book, one that is not meant to sit on a shelf, but to be read, searched, studied, and understood. But most important, it is to be lived... Continue Reading →

Women in the Local Church: Intentional Learning

Our minds develop rapidly while young, but if you are over 30, there is a slow yet steady decline in the ability to learn new things. The hard truth is that over time, we increasingly have difficulty flexing our minds enough to learn new skills, a new language, or change a long-term attitude. If we... Continue Reading →

Are your feelings guiding your faith?

As I look around today, reading and listening to evangelical voices, I find many Christians who believe faith is something mystical that pits feelings against using our brains. Are your feelings guiding your faith as a determiner of truth? Women were made emotional creatures and many times if we aren't careful, we have a tendency to... Continue Reading →

It Is Written: An Eight Part Theological Series

And he gave to Moses, when he had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai, the two tablets of the testimony, tablets of stone, written with the finger of God. - Exodus 31:18 The phrase, “It is written” or another equivalent appears 90 times in the New Testament alone. This phrase settled matters for Jesus... Continue Reading →

Magnifying God in Our Teaching

As a Bible teacher, there have been those times I’ve been tempted to rely on my own abilities, desires, and the approval of other women, but God always draws me back to his Word as a reminder of whose work it is I am participating in. If the focus in preparation of an adult Bible... Continue Reading →

What’s on My Desk and Why it Matters

Over the course of the next six weeks, my desktop will be cluttered with an array of systematic theologies. Wayne Grudem, Louis Berkhof, Michael Horton, and Millard Erickson will continually speak in the shadows of Dr. Gregg Allison's work on the 50 core truths of the Christian faith. As I thumb through the scholarly works... Continue Reading →

The Means by Which God Speaks to His Church

The canon of Scripture was not an after the fact development, but something woven deep into the fabric of God’s redemptive plan. Since the close of the canon in the first century, the Word of God alone is the means by which God speaks to his church. Previously, He spoke to His people in various... Continue Reading →

Ancient Truths for our Modern Age

Along my journey of lifelong learning, I can say with confidence that I'm not merely storing up knowledge for myself. God has blessed with opportunities to build up the body of Christ; whether within the walls of my local church, ministry of the Word from my home, or on the mission field, I'm compelled to... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Four

Handle With Care In Weeks 2-3 of Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, our focus was the disciplines of reading and studying the Scriptures. In weeks 2-5 of the earlier series, we explored the Doctrine of the Word of God. We have now established a shallow foundation for Bible reading and study. Day One Continuing... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week One

Perfect Posture Previously in the study, Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, a call to spiritual disciplines was presented, communicating both the importance of reading the Bible well, and the hard work of Bible study. God’s Word is so much more than printed words on paper; it has the power to sift and separate. God’s... Continue Reading →

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