The Importance of Handling Scriptures Righty

I am delighted to share another guest post by Jennifer Pipes, who served as one of the speakers for yesterday's Bible interpretation workshop. In her writing, you will get a glimpse of what she shared with us. In addition, Jennifer is an assistant teacher for the Wednesday night class, Knowing the Bible, where we will... Continue Reading →

Are your feelings guiding your faith?

As I look around today, reading and listening to evangelical voices, I find many Christians who believe faith is something mystical that pits feelings against using our brains. Are your feelings guiding your faith as a determiner of truth? Women were made emotional creatures and many times if we aren't careful, we have a tendency to... Continue Reading →

Why I Study Theology And Believe You Should Too

In its most basic sense, Christian doctrine is belief based on Scripture. Doctrine is believed, practiced, confessed, and taught. Understanding and applying doctrine rightly requires comprehension of classical Christian theology that has served as wisdom of the ages for the church today. For Christians to grasp why theology is necessary and relevant, we must learn... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Moral Deception

We are living in a world drifting further and further away from God's moral principles. Nations once claiming to be Christian are now promoting ideals completely contrary to the Scriptures. American public life once stood reliant on the state to endorse long-standing Christian values that had proven themselves over time. It made sense that laws... Continue Reading →

Safeguarding the Mind and the Heart

The enemy of truth is Satan himself. His voice is subtle and his ways are cunning. Only the voice of God is absolute truth and knowing the Bible guards against false teaching. 2 Corinthians 11:4 makes clear that as believers, we are called to not simply believe every word as truth: “For if someone comes and proclaims... Continue Reading →

Real is Rare

Today's world is filled with deception that seems to take on new forms with each passing day. It's easy to get caught up and many times we forget that real is rare. There's nothing new about deception. Deception has taken on forms of lies, hoaxes, and fraud throughout history. Satan would be the most clever... Continue Reading →

What are You Reading?

As I'm writing this it's as if I can hear the voice of my younger brother asking his frequent question, What are you reading? And if you know me well, you know that I've been known to recommend more than a few books. Truth is, reading has the ability to stretch our thinking. When reading... Continue Reading →

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