Recommendations: Online Course, Bible Studies, and Books

To me, God’s Word is a treasure to be mined, The deeper I go, the more I see its wisdom, the more it authenticates itself, the more it reveals to me the beauty of God’s plan to redeem all things through Christ. – Nancy Guthrie

Knowing the Bible will come to a close this evening and picks up again in the fall with the book of Ruth. Although class members will not be meeting together for an in-depth study of the Scriptures, the purpose of this list is to encourage these ladies (and blog readers alike) to be intentional in the discipline of Bible study. In addition to my own, this list includes recommendations by Jennifer Pipes and Ginger Cloud whose contributions to the class have greatly added to our overall understanding of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. These two ladies did some excellent work as they assisted me in leading this study.

I’m providing some good options in this post, but I would be remiss if I did not mention that much of the Best Sellers list marketed as Christian genre is not faithful to the scriptures. But with that said, there is plenty out there that has not been diluted or distorted and is faithful to God’s Word. Know your authors and remember that if we are being taught by his/her words, they should be held to a biblical standard.

Debbie’s Recommendations:

  • The book of Mark is a good place to begin in personal Bible study. I would suggest a thorough reading before implementing the inductive Bible study method we use in our small groups during class each week. You can find a similar method here. Use journaling for your meditation of the scriptures following each week’s study.
  • Nancy Guthrie’s Seeing Jesus Bible study series. Any of the studies in this series would grow the learner in Bible literacy. Nancy has authored a good number of books and Bible studies, and she has done seminars at SBC seminaries alongside her husband. Nancy is currently leading biblical theology workshops for women internationally. In addition, Guthrie hosts an excellent podcast, Help Me Teach the Bible. Her graduate work in Biblical Studies is ongoing. You can find more here.
  • Grasping God’s Word by Scott Duvall and Daniel Hays, book and workbook. (Make note that Zondervan has some free videos with this series.) J. Scott Duvall, who specializes in New Testament studies, and Old Testament scholar J. Daniel Hays survey numerous biblical passages, demonstrating solid interpretive strategies for understanding the Bible. Hays and Duvall are or have been Professors at Ouachita Baptist University and their books are widely used for seminary level courses.
  • Salvation Worksheet by Biblical Counselor, Martha Peace as you work through the questions and scripture passages while slowly documenting your answers and praying through each section. This would be considered a topical study. I believe it gives much peace to the assurance of a believer’s salvation and has potential to bring conviction to those who might need to better consider her destiny. This study is free and reproducible with a ScribD subscription. See
  • Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible is an online study at This is a lengthy study with and intro followed by five weeks in part I and four weeks with a wrap up in part II. Done slowly, it’s possible this could carry you through the months until fall. Reflective of my teaching from fall 2018, my objective with this series is to call women to the reading and study of God’s Word, provide support for sound doctrine, and dispel theological confusion in those disciplines and doctrines. You can find the study here.
  • Biblical Growth and Change at There is an intro post followed by six parts. Reading each post and included scripture passages, implementing questions, and working through practical help within the study offers individuals a glance at how to live a transformed life in Jesus Christ. You can find the study here.

Ginger’s Recommendation:

The Study of Scripture by Mark M. Yarbrough – Covers the creation narrative found in Genesis 1–11, the Mosaic Covenant and the Pentateuch, and the Covenant Kingship especially through the Davidic Covenant. This is a free course through Dallas Theological Seminary. In fact, you can find several free courses at This course requires reading from Living God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays. You can find the course here.

Jennifer’s Recommendations: 

  • Becoming a Titus 2 Woman by Martha Peace – Within the pages of this book are many examples of how to disciple younger women. It is practical in its approach as it teaches how, by God’s grace, we develop the character that God wants every older woman to have. Martha Peace is a teacher and biblical counselor of women.
  • The Right Kind of Strong by Mary Kassian – This book is centered around 2 Timothy 3:1-9. Jennifer recommends reading this book as a companion to the above book by Martha Peace.
  • How to Study the Bible by Jen Wilkin: A 5-Day Reading Plan on YouVersion. Jennifer recommends practicing this method with the book of James.
  • You Who by Rachel Jankovich – This book is centered on how women are to live their lives – to glorify God in all things. There is a group study guide that could be used individually.

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