Wrapping Up

Having concluded the series, Doctrine and Disciplines of the Bible, I’m wrapping up with a refresher. We must be reminded of my original objective in developing these lessons: In my observation and humble opinion, there is an unmet call for evangelical women to devote themselves to actual reading and study of God’s Word itself. We are so full […]

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Seeking God’s Will in Decision Making

In a previous post, Do You Listen Wisely?, we considered the discernment and importance of life influencers who impact our daily decisions. Many times, we get distracted and confused in decision-making because we lose sight of the overarching agenda of our lives. Achieving worthwhile goals requires clear decision-making, rather than floundering aimlessly like a fish out […]

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Do You Listen Wisely?

In this informational age, we are inundated with choices and decisions. Whether we admit it or not, it is simply fact that we are highly swayed by those around us. Almost subtly, we even take on ambient attitudes and characteristics. There are several important factors influencing decision-making, including (but not limited to) past experiences, a […]

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Read But Read Well

Books are among God’s good gifts to us. In my last post, I shared my own reading preferences. But what’s a girl to do if she enjoys reading and is drawn to the “Christian” best seller list more than old theologians? She can choose by reading carefully and cautiously. Simply put, read but read well.  […]

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