A Day in the Life of a Bible Teacher

As I sit at my desk this morning after having completed my lessons for the upcoming Bible workshop, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you what many of my days look like. My purpose in sharing these details is so they might shed some light on the heart attitude as well as... Continue Reading →

Women in the Local Church: Serving Well

"Working with children is not my gifting" she said, as the younger woman ushered her kids through the door of the preschool area. Yet, the message on the board signaling volunteers help is needed in the nursery had become a routine occurrence. It's no secret that 20% of the church does 80% of the work.... Continue Reading →

Looking Back

When we are busy making plans and embarking on work for the future, it is beneficial to reflect on God's own work in the past. I've posted this previously but after looking back for myself this afternoon and considering where I've been, I thought I would share my testimony with you once more. As I... Continue Reading →

State of Thought

It was a quiet afternoon when I sat poring over creeds and confessions. Water was running through our wet-weather creek and as I peered through the glass, snowflakes began to fall. I was captivated by nature's beauty and as always, my observance of creation caused me to ponder the Creator. Stillness in the wondrous works... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Your Authors and Speakers

We’re drawn in by attractive book covers, the sensationalism of Christian celebrities, and well-trained speakers. Many times, dynamic personalities trump sound doctrine. Make no mistake, the Christian market for women is a huge money maker, primarily in books and conference ticket sales. It is sad when we find so much of our modern-day writing/speaking that... Continue Reading →

Preach the Gospel to Yourself

One of the most critical disciplines in the life of a believer is the daily reminder of the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In a sense, we become preachers to ourselves.  First, you need some understanding of who God is and who you are. God is holy and although we are saints... Continue Reading →

Reading the Psalms

Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace,  thereby good will come to you. ~ Job 22:21 My focus for social media through the end of this month will be from my biblical counseling ministry. In the Facebook video titled Preach the Gospel to Yourself, I mentioned reading the Psalms so I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books for Growth

I encourage all Christian women to take up the discipline of reading to honor God and for the growth of the church. In addition to the Bible, which books should Christians read to help them grow? I’ve pulled titles below from my personal bookshelves and recently revised my list. I appreciate the work from these authors that... Continue Reading →

The Intrusive Opportunity of Waiting

Whether it be something as simple as waiting in line at the local coffee shop or as difficult as a pending medical diagnosis, waiting is a part of life and it is also a part of the Christian’s life. The difference is that once we enter into new life with Christ, our time in the... Continue Reading →

Biblical Counseling FAQ

As we serve within a community of believers, our willingness to acknowledge neediness becomes an asset. Each time the questions arise, “Where is God in this? Does God even care?” presents an opportunity for one another soul care and as Christians, God’s Spirit drawing us back to certainty of his never-changing truths. In this post,... Continue Reading →

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