The Journey Continues

If you know me, you know I am unashamedly a conservative Southern Baptist. Most of the year, you can find me teaching Christian theology classes and leading Bible studies at First Baptist Church. In 2016, I began a formal pursuit of biblical knowledge so I might better serve Christ’s church. It was not far into my training that I discovered my need to be a lifelong learner. Still, my journey continues as my own best learning occurs under my pastor’s expositional preaching. You can learn more here.

I am an advocate for women to glorify God with their hearts and minds. Because of my training and a desire to honor Christ, I offer biblical counseling. In those difficult times I compassionately walk alongside women to help them find answers with application of solid truth – God’s Truth. You can read more here. While mentoring, I teach women to assess their long-term goals and values so God’s glory might be displayed in their profound impact on church and family. 

There was a time when my writing was in print. That’s fun and all but now, that’s not so much a priority. So, what am I up to and why am I blogging again? Whether life lessons, biblical precepts, or book recommendations, I pass on tidbits of truth that many times will aid my teaching, mentoring, discipleship, or counseling. If you read my blog posts, I encourage you to have a Bible open so you might access noted passages and examine specific scriptures for yourself (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Thanks for joining me and be sure you SUBSCRIBE by email. And…If you find my words worthwhile, I would appreciate you sharing with a friend.

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