Reading the Psalms

Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace, 

thereby good will come to you.

~ Job 22:21

My focus for social media through the end of this month will be from my biblical counseling ministry. In the Facebook video titled Preach the Gospel to Yourself, I mentioned reading the Psalms so I wanted to share this reading plan of the Psalms by topic. This plan can also be found on my blog site through the menu at

Through the lens of the Psalms, we can see into the heart and emotions of people just like us who have poured out their innermost being before the Lord. In these songs we have real history of real people expressing misery and weakness towards a real God. Our own hearts can resonate with these God-breathed words and descriptions of their reality. In turn, we are made able to find hope that rests not only in the Bible but in the author – a God who knows, who cares, and who understands. If we are to find peace in difficult times, we must learn to trust God. If we are to put our trust in God, we must know Him intimately, just as a child learns to trust her beloved parent, whom she has known as her loving caregiver from birth. Since the Psalms put words to the deepest emotions and groaning of humanity, we are also able to rekindle trust through these hymns. When we read them, pray them, or sing them, we are reminded that God is more than willing to shed the light of truth into our circumstances though His very words, the Word. Pray and ask God to open your eyes so that you “may see wonderful things” in His law (Psalm 119:18).

Psalms by Topic

Blessing- Psalms 67, 72
Blessing- Psalms 84, 128
Calling to God- Psalms 4, 5
Calling to God- Psalms 22
Confidence- Psalms 27, 36

Confidence- Psalms 71, 125
Deeds of God- Psalms 9, 118
Deeds of God- Psalms 18
Doubt- Psalms 42, 77
Doubt- Psalms 73

Faithfulness of God- Psalms 105
Faithfulness of God- Psalms 119:137–144, 146
Fear- Psalms 37, 49
Fear- Psalms 91
Identity- Psalms 8, 139

Meditation- Psalms 119:9–16, 41–48
Glory of God- Psalms 19
Glory of God- Psalms 24, 29
God is my Helper- Psalms 115
God is my Helper- Psalms 54, 119:169–176

Rejoicing- Psalms 30, 47
Rejoicing- Psalms 97
Righteousness- Psalms 1, 15, 112
Sin & Repentance- Psalms 25, 32
Sin & Repentance- Psalms 38, 51

Power of God- Psalms 68
Power of God- Psalms 93, 135
Praise- Psalms 65
Praise- Psalms 98, 138
Prayer- Psalms 17, 20

Prayer- Psalms 102
Protection- Psalms 59, 62
Protection- Psalms 124
Safety in God- Psalms 11, 16
Safety in God- Psalms 46, 142

Justice of God- Psalms 7
Justice of God- Psalms 26, 82
Mercy- Psalms 13, 28
Mercy- Psalms 86
Music- Psalms 66

Music- Psalms 149, 150
Nature- Psalms 50, 104
Nature- Psalms 147, 148
Peace- Psalms 23
Peace- Psalms 133, 119:161–168

Salvation- Psalms 3, 14, 121
Thanksgiving- Psalms 75, 136
Thanksgiving- Psalms 106
Trust- Psalms 31
Trust- Psalms 40, 56

Victory- Psalms 21, 76, 144
Wisdom- Psalms 90, 111
Wisdom- Psalms 107
Worship- Psalms 33, 34
Worship- Psalms 145

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