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Whether you are a new mom yearning for adult voices, a woman who works 40+ hours a week and struggles to get out the door with matching shoes, or the empty nester who is searching for meaningful friendships to fill times of silence, I invite you to study with me. There’s no “one size fits all” when describing the women who attend the groups I lead; we are all ages and life stages. We come from varied backgrounds and have completed different levels of education. Truth is, most friendships are built on similar values so if you are a Christian who seeks to know more about what God has said in his Word, I’m sharing upcoming opportunities for you in this post. Simply put, come find your tribe! Contact me if you wish to learn more.

Opportunities for Study

Routinely, I serve the women in my church by leading two groups. The Sunday evening class meets from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m beginning January 15th. Christian Theology for women will study the doctrines of God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Jennifer Ulrich will teach two of the eight weeks and will cover historic creeds and church history connected to the other lessons. Having worked through core doctrines in past years, I’ve seen the growth in the women who’ve applied these truths and how sound doctrine has been fruitful in Bible study. Wednesday evening’s class, Knowing the Bible, will study the book of Esther. In this class, women pair up for a short time of shared inductive study. Following, a large group time of expository teaching with application concludes our time. The pertinent details of background, setting, and doctrinal themes are covered by Jennifer Pipes and Ginger Cloud. Knowing the Bible meets from 6:00 -7:30 p.m. beginning January 11th. Knowing the Bible will meet for ten weeks and Christian Theology for Women will be eight weeks. What most women find appealing is there is no homework required for either class unless working toward credit with the Acts Institute. Again, if you are local, I invite you to join me in these studies:

Knowing the Bible – Esther

Knowing the Bible explores books of the Bible through in-depth study of the Scriptures. The meaning and message of the text will progressively become clear through group study, expositional teaching, and application. The study will highlight how each passage unveils the gospel as we tie the text with the whole of Scripture, illuminate the doctrines taught in each passage, and discover practical implications. Overall, Knowing the Bible will help participants to better study, understand, and apply God’s Word. Pictured below are a few of my sources for Esther. Also included in my lesson prep but not pictured are many digital sources which I would be happy to share with learners upon request. There is no book to purchase for this class but should a learner wish to carry the content further beyond our class time, I would recommend Knowing the Bible series “Ruth and Esther – a 12 week study.” The recommended commentary is Ian Duguid’s Ruth and Esther.

Christian Theology for Women –

Doctrine of God the Son, Doctrine of God the Holy Spirit

Christian Theology for Women surveys sound theology based on Scripture that has been constructed by the church for nearly 2000 years. Doctrine is both true belief and true practice, and is to be confessed by the church and taught from generation to generation (1 Tim. 4:6). This class will help participants gain a more complete understanding of the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Learners will explore main themes with biblical support, gain knowledge of key doctrinal errors to avoid, gain an understanding of enacting Christian doctrines, and discover the role of the church as it relates to doctrine. Pictured below are merely a sampling of my sources for this semester’s Christian Theology for Women. These are accompanied by an array of systematic theologies and my digital library. There is no book required for the class but should a woman wish to purchase, the Bible college version of Pilgrim Theology could prove helpful beyond class time. Many women who’ve attended in the past have found the ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible helpful for application of the core doctrines in Bible study.

These two classes provide an opportunity for Christian women to connect while furthering Bible knowledge of faith and practice. Be sure to register in January through the Acts Institute. Space is especially limited for Knowing the Bible.

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