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I pulled back the drapes and when I looked out the plate glass window, the rising fog atop the False River was lingering. There were ducks on the water and a white heron flew in for rest on the rocks along the water’s edge. The past few weeks have been spent with my time divided in three very different locations. Each has its own benefits and my little corner of our lakeside apartment has served me well as I prepare for teaching in the new year.

Truth is, I can find my little corner for Bible study and reading in any location. And as far as teaching, you can give me a Bible and a willing soul to listen…I’m good anywhere. God’s Word remains the same whether it’s shared in my local church, the county jail, or a continent away. It’s a universal message that always rings true. Our God is unchanging. So also is His voice. When I have a break in my teaching calendar I do rest, but it quickly becomes a state of restlessness. Fact is, I can’t not teach.

Having left town on the heels of the Bible workshop, I will let you know the day went well. Bayley, Kristen, Ginger, Jennifer Ulrich, and Jennifer Pipes did a phenomenal job with their lessons and activities. We were especially blessed by Jamie who graciously stepped up at the last minute to lead us in music. We are on the calendar for April 1st and the next workshop will be Meaning and Application.

It was last week when I became eager to finalize lesson plans for the spring semester. I began yesterday and finished a detailed syllabus this morning. Christian Theology for Women concluded October 30th and will pick up again on January 22nd. I’m pleased that my cohort, Jennifer Ulrich, has agreed to take the lead on two lessons. Early on in the mentoring/mentee relationship, I recall her laughing at my request for her to teach (which she does every day with her boys). God has done a good work in and through Jennifer and he has surely blessed me to call her friend.

In addition to the theology class, Knowing the Bible is a Wednesday evening Bible study class. The upcoming semester will include a ten-week study of the book of Esther beginning January 11th. This is not a pre-written study. However, as we work through the Bible itself, we apply an inductive study method. I look forward to seeing a room full of ladies with their Bibles open as they work through the particular passage for each week, while together they research and confirm their findings. I will mention one participant, Amanda: She enjoys this class and has a special bag of what she calls “all the things.” The large bag totes Bible maps, concordance, commentaries, and such. The excitement of sisters in Christ (like Amanda) studying the Word together, verse by verse is contagious! And I encourage ladies to bring “all the things.” I follow the small groups study time with teaching the passage each group has worked through during class time. Jennifer Pipes and Ginger are a huge asset to this class. These two ladies come alongside me by teaching background, chronology, theological themes, and more. We could not do justice to our studies without the important work these women present. What a joy this group of ladies is to me.

It’s my desire to encourage you wherever you are and whatever you are doing: Get in the Word and stay in the Word. Get to know the age old doctrinal truths and look to what the Church (the Christian faith) has believed and practiced. We must have these biblical truths hit the head before they can enter our hearts. With God’s help, we are made able to live them out. And we do so for His glory.

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