Doctrine of God’s Creatures: Book Recommendations

With this post I am recommending books for those readers who might wish to study the Doctrine of God’s Creatures. In the way of systematic theologies, there are many good theologians when considering this doctrine. But, for the new learner, I recommend Michael Horton’s Bible College version entitled Pilgrim Theology. In my Sunday night theology class (beginning Sept. 11th) I will be using Gregg Allison, Wayne Grudem, Michael Horton, Stanley Grenz, and Millard Erickson. I will share with you that in addition to the systematic theologies, I have found these book titles most helpful in my study/prep time. As always, know your authors!

Michael Horton’s Pilgrim Theology – helpful to beginners (this is his Bible college version). The discussion guide is found as a free PDF and can be found online by Zondervan. Horton is the J. Gresham Machen Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminister Seminary, California.

Paul Tripp’s Do You Believe? – helpful in providing illustration and application of the core doctrines. Tripp attended Columbia Bible College (now Columbia International University) and majored in Bible and Christian Education. He went on to receive his M.Div from the Reformed Episcopal Seminary and his D.Min in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary.

The Mystery of Christ, His Covenant & Kingdom – This book establishes clear linear understanding of the biblical text, driving the reader to see how faithfully God executes his purpose in creation. This book presents a cohesive map of the covenants of Scripture. Samuel Renihan serves as pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA. Renihan has authored several books and articles.

Life’s Biggest Questions – This book gives solid answers for questions even believers often ask regarding the foundation of faith. Thoennes presents answers as he helps readers think through the implications for their own lives. Erik Thoennes is professor of biblical and theological studies at Talbot School of Theology/Biola University and pastors Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, CA.

The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture – Klusendorf takes insights and methods for defending the right to life into his teaching and provides clear biblical rationale for the sanctity and dignity of life, born or unborn. Scott Klusendorf is president of Life Training Institute where he trains pro-life advocates to defend their views. He is a graduate of UCLA who has been featured by Focus on the Family.

Created in God’s Image – Endorsed by Christianity Today, this book is one in a three-volume series. Focused on anthropology, Anthony Hoekema reappraises human beings created in God’s image in the light of scripture and Christian tradition. His work is both historically informative and biblically based. Hoekema was professor systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI.

Unseen Realities: Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Demons – This very helpful book answers a lot of questions that Christians are asking about the supernatural. Written by R.C. Sproul, who was one of the greatest modern-day theologians, this book is an excellent summary of the clear teachings of the Bible with reference to the unseen realities that exist now and are a part of everyone’s future. Sproul was a Pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America and founder of Ligonier Ministries.  He obtained degrees from Westminster College, PA, Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary, Free University of Amsterdam, and Whitefield Theological Seminary. Sproul taught at numerous colleges and seminaries.

Power Encounters – Although out of print, I have found this book to be available in used book outlets. Powlison guides readers through biblical material on spiritual warfare in a manner that resists the temptation to merely belittle contemporary silliness, while giving us something discerning to put in its place. David Powlison was past editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling and counseled at the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation. He held a Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania in the history of science and medicine. His works were primarily on biblical faith and psychology.

Standing Strong: How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul – John MacArthur believes the truth on this subject is found somewhere between the extremes. This book offers a balanced, biblically sound approach to spiritual warfare in the life of a believer. MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. He is the president of The Master’s College and Seminary. Renowned author of life-changing books, he also is responsible for The MacArthur Study Bible.

If you will not be attending the fall women’s theology class, I invite you to study alongside us. Reading the above books will aid your understanding of what is Christian theology in respect to the Doctrine of God’s Creatures.

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