Pushing Replay on Sunday Mornings

In systematic theology, we engage with God through doctrines that biblical scholars have systematically organized with supporting scripture, as well as those early church creeds and confessions rooted in the Scriptures. Many Christians push replay on Sunday mornings without ever coming to know how the details of faith and practice came to be.

In its most basic sense, Christian doctrine is Christian belief based on Scripture. Sound doctrine reflects in summary form what Scripture affirms and what the church is bound to believe. – Dr. Gregg Allison

Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation) is our area of study on Sunday evenings but if we are saved, why study this doctrine and subdivisions? Clarity with the gospel is essential because however people come to trust in Christ, whatever they think salvation is, that is the way they will grow in Christ. This is the reason why Paul wrote the letter to the Galatians. Paul’s precise proclamation of this ancient faith called Christianity is something we need to reflect in discipleship and worship.

In addition, it is natural (and good) that we would look back on our own time of salvation and ask the important question: What exactly did God do in that moment? Knowing the details is beneficial in how we live and how we share the gospel. There are many different ways you can communicate the gospel, but it is necessary we first understand for ourselves. Like Paul, we need to be crystal clear with what the gospel is as we articulate it carefully and accurately so that people can grow in Christ appropriately.

And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified. – Romans 8:30

Salvation has past, present, and future tenses – We have been saved from the penalty of sin forever, we are being saved moment-by-moment from the power of sin, and looking forward we will be saved from the presence of sin altogether. Faith in Christ is not a one-time event, but a way to live our lives oriented towards Christ so we might live for Him in all that we do. We are freed from sin’s penalty and power and empowered by the Spirit to live for Christ. That’s the true gospel.

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