It’s been a week of ups and downs and some days felt as if they were circling round and round. God blessed with personal ministry opportunities, as well as time for reading and writing. I’m wrapping up the week reflecting on my takeaway from my pastor’s sermon. I’ve had these on my desk since Sunday:

Am I content?

Do I have a servant’s heart?

Do I rest and rely on God?

Just this morning, I ran across a John Broadus quote that I believe drove home these three questions, “An unthankful and complaining spirit is an abiding sin against God, and a cause of almost continual unhappiness; and yet how common such a spirit is. How prone we seem to be to forget the good that life knows, and remember and brood over its evil – to forget its joys, and think only of its sorrows – to forget thankfulness, and remember only to complain.” May we cherish the moments God has given and may He find me resting in his grace, with a grateful heart, fully reliant on Him.

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