Goal Setting

In a recent Facebook post, I shared with friends that I’m in a goal-setting and decision-making phase. This is something I take seriously: for all of us, time is fleeting. I’m considering long-term goals and how God might be best honored in my personal decision making. Obedience to my God, for his own kingdom purposes, is my ultimate goal.

To say I have a few things going on is an understatement, evidenced by what is on my desk this morning. God is good to allow me to participate in what He is doing in the lives of women. I pulled a folder from my drawer and found study notes dated back to 2014. I believe they are worthy of sharing:

“As we are obedient to the commands of His Word we are blessed by a closer walk with Him. To walk in the Word means we’ll have to deny our selfish desires and do the will of the Father, regardless of the cost. Our attitudes must reflect the will of our Lord and not our own, which is contrary to all fleshly desires. To sense His direction for our lives, we must walk in the Word where we can draw strength daily. Following God’s direction requires intimacy and obedience. It means we will live with one purpose alone and that will be to accomplish God’s sovereign plan.”

4 thoughts on “Goal Setting

  1. You finding the notes from 2014 are very timely for me. I am sensing that He is leading me away from certain things, even good things (group bible study) toward more time studying Him and his word. I MUST have more understanding of Him and His word so I will understand what He wants of me. Thanks, again, Debbie for you helpful words. I KNOW you have so many things going. I appreciate you!

    1. You are welcome, Vickie, and this post was spur of the moment (as I intend others to be) but I felt could be helpful. A future post will include decision making, which can be the tough part requiring what we rearrange to set the course we need to achieve the goals. I have a lot going on, but I do manage my time well and find rest in the good things God has for me.
      It sounds like you and I are in a similar phase. I’m glad those 2014 notes are of help to you. Btw, there were no scripture references. As Christians, we know that our goal setting and decision making must line up with Scripture to be God honoring. I believe the notes got that across without the references. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Sometimes we put God on the back burner so we can do what we want. Then when life gets complicated we wonder where is God in this! He is always faithful even when we’re not! Thanks for sharing Debbie as a reminder to stay obedient to Gods word!

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