Reading the Psalms

Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace,  thereby good will come to you. ~ Job 22:21 My focus for social media through the end of this month will be from my biblical counseling ministry. In the Facebook video titled Preach the Gospel to Yourself, I mentioned reading the Psalms so I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books for Growth

I encourage all Christian women to take up the discipline of reading to honor God and for the growth of the church. In addition to the Bible, which books should Christians read to help them grow? I’ve pulled titles below from my personal bookshelves and recently revised my list. I appreciate the work from these authors that... Continue Reading →

Tips, Resources, and Reads

In today's post, I share a few tips with you on Bible study, Bible translations, theology, commentaries, reading, and podcasts. ON BIBLE STUDY: Why should you study the Scriptures when you’ve heard the stories before? God’s Word is rich enough to provide new insights every time you study, no matter how many times you’ve read... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of God’s Creatures: Book Recommendations

With this post I am recommending books for those readers who might wish to study the Doctrine of God's Creatures. In the way of systematic theologies, there are many good theologians when considering this doctrine. But, for the new learner, I recommend Michael Horton's Bible College version entitled Pilgrim Theology. In my Sunday night theology... Continue Reading →

Recommendations: Theological Books and Studies

This semester of Christian Theology for Women will be coming to a close on Sunday evening. It's been a great academic year studying Doctrine of the Word of God and Doctrine of God. The women who've studied alongside me have been faithful in their studies and class attendance. These ladies display a hunger for theological... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of God: Book Recommendations

As a matter of update and supplement to my teaching, I am recommending books for those readers who might wish to study the Doctrine of God. In the way of systematic theologies, there are those theologians whose writings and teachings are superior to others when considering this doctrine. I will not elaborate on that in... Continue Reading →

What are You Reading?

As I'm writing this it's as if I can hear the voice of my younger brother asking his frequent question, What are you reading? And if you know me well, you know that I've been known to recommend more than a few books. Truth is, reading has the ability to stretch our thinking. When reading... Continue Reading →

Love and Marriage

The chasm between the biblical vision and society's view of love and marriage has never been broader. It rings true that previous generations' view of marriage was never high enough but we have reached a low, casual attitude of both what constitutes marriage and warrants it disposable. What would seem ludicrous in generations past has... Continue Reading →

Top Ten + Two

Throughout the year I've shared book titles for pleasure and purpose. I am grateful for published authors whose education far exceeds my own; many good men and women have spent the bulk of their lives learning, teaching, and sharing through writings as their life's vocation. Aside from my own continued learning, I am an advocate for... Continue Reading →

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