Biblical Growth and Change, Week Six

Change is Hard In Week Four, we established the Christian's union with Christ. As mentioned in Week Three, we are responsible to exert effort towards change. We approach change rightly not only for our own good, but for the glory of God. Day One We as Christians carry the name of the Son of God.... Continue Reading →

Biblical Growth and Change, Week Five

Pride is a Barrier Day One It's vital we understand that fighting against sin is actually the pursuit of joy. Looking at it from that vantage point helps to confess and repent. We want to rid ourselves of sinful habits because then we might have joy. George Mueller writes, Nine-tenths of the difficulties are overcome... Continue Reading →

Biblical Growth and Change, Week Four

Union With Christ Day One Theologically speaking, nothing is more basic or central to knowing and enjoying God than union with Christ. It's what the Bible and the heart of the Christian faith is all about. Union with Christ means that by faith alone, Christ is now our representative, whereas Adam was our previous representative.... Continue Reading →

Biblical Growth and Change, Week Three

Indicatives Vs. Imperatives In Week One, we began our look at vital elements of biblical growth and change: Biblical change begins by understanding and applying the gospel. The Bible sets forth a balanced perspective on how change takes place - God is the author of change. Day One Gospel indicatives and imperatives nurture and direct... Continue Reading →

Biblical Growth and Change, Week Two

The Struggle is Real Day One When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, our eternal destinies are altered. There is a radical reordering of priorities, a new life purpose, and we have the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit. But with these new and good things we can also expect obstacles both great and small. Satan... Continue Reading →

Biblical Growth and Change, Week One

We all Need Growth and Change Day One As believers, we have begun a new life in Jesus Christ. But similar to physical life, spiritual life must develop in a healthy way. If after careful examination you find yourself in need of growth and change, you are not alone. Read 1 Peter 2:2-3. The Christian... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Series: Biblical Growth and Change

At the sound of the alarm each morning, we push back the sheets and step into our routines. Day after day we do the same things, and in short-term thinking we often expect different results. Human beings are creatures of habit, both good and bad. When we come to Jesus, we do so as sinners.... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Four

Handle With Care In Weeks 2-3 of Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, our focus was the disciplines of reading and studying the Scriptures. In weeks 2-5 of the earlier series, we explored the Doctrine of the Word of God. We have now established a shallow foundation for Bible reading and study. Day One Continuing... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Two

Read the Bible Well In Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible Part One, Week One -You Are Invited, we determined the lack of spiritual disciplines in our society and the vast need for Christians to feed on God’s Word. Sadly, it is possible that many who call themselves Christian no longer place their trust in the Scriptures.... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week One

Perfect Posture Previously in the study, Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, a call to spiritual disciplines was presented, communicating both the importance of reading the Bible well, and the hard work of Bible study. God’s Word is so much more than printed words on paper; it has the power to sift and separate. God’s... Continue Reading →

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