Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Four

Handle With Care In Weeks 2-3 of Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, our focus was the disciplines of reading and studying the Scriptures. In weeks 2-5 of the earlier series, we explored the Doctrine of the Word of God. We have now established a shallow foundation for Bible reading and study. Day One Continuing... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week Two

Read the Bible Well In Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible Part One, Week One -You Are Invited, we determined the lack of spiritual disciplines in our society and the vast need for Christians to feed on God’s Word. Sadly, it is possible that many who call themselves Christian no longer place their trust in the Scriptures.... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible II, Week One

Perfect Posture Previously in the study, Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, a call to spiritual disciplines was presented, communicating both the importance of reading the Bible well, and the hard work of Bible study. God’s Word is so much more than printed words on paper; it has the power to sift and separate. God’s... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week Five

Authority & Sufficiency of the Scriptures In Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Part Four - Inerrancy & Infallibility of the Scriptures, we determined that the Bible, as God’s voice, is true and reliable in all the matters it addresses. Day One As we explore authority and sufficiency of Scripture, one must consider that not only... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week Four

Inerrancy & Infallibility of the Scriptures In Inspiration of the Scriptures, part three of Doctrines & Disciplines of the Bible, we established the importance of a right theology, affirming trustworthiness of the Bible by way of its divine inspiration. Proper understanding of this doctrine demands affirmation of inerrancy and infallibility. If we claim our Lord and Savior... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week Three

Inspiration of the Scriptures In Week Two, Trustworthiness of the Scriptures, emphasis was placed on theological integrity: We must place our trust in the Scriptures, just as the church has maintained over time. Day One Approaching our reading and study of the Scriptures rightly comes first with an accurate understanding of doctrinal truths. Sound doctrine reflects... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week Two

Trustworthiness of the Scriptures In Part One, Won’t You Join Me at The Table?, women were beckoned to hear, read, and study scripture. Day One Rightly practicing the disciplines requires our consideration of the doctrine of the Word of God, as to understanding properly our reading of the Scriptures and applying appropriately our hearing and studies.In... Continue Reading →

Doctrine & Disciplines of the Bible, Week One

Won't You Join Me at The Table? God invites us to: Believe Him. Trust Him. Fear Him. Obey Him. Worship Him. But most importantly... Enjoy Him. Day One Before every Christian is the invitation to delight in God and things of God. The invitation of spiritual disciplines is extended to all in whom the Spirit... Continue Reading →

Excited to Share

I am excited to share with you about an upcoming series reflective of my teaching from fall 2018. My objective with this series is to call women to the reading and study of God’s Word, provide support for sound doctrine, and dispel theological confusion in those disciplines and doctrines. When we do not know and understand... Continue Reading →

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