Contentment, Part Two

Where is Contentment Rooted? In Part One, we saw contentment as hard doctrine intersecting with real life: True contentment is not dependent on circumstances. Contentment does not envy people, places, or things. Difficult times and hard circumstances come for every believer but God promises that He will be with us, strengthening us. For the Christian, […]

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Contentment, Part One

Biblical Contentment What do you think about when there is absolutely nothing you must be thinking on, when your mind begins to wander? Would it be a running to do list, your next form of entertainment, your physical appearance? Who or what becomes your focus? The opposite of contentment is covetousness. Covetousness is the desire […]

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Biblical Growth and Change, Part Four

Union With Christ Theologically speaking, nothing is more basic or central to knowing and enjoying God than union with Christ. It’s what the Bible and the heart of the Christian faith is all about. Union with Christ means that by faith alone, Christ is now our representative, whereas Adam was our previous representative. Understanding your […]

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