Magnifying God in Our Teaching

As a Bible teacher, there have been those times I’ve been tempted to rely on my own abilities, desires, and the approval of other women, but God always draws me back to his Word as a reminder of whose work it is I am participating in. If the focus in preparation of an adult Bible […]

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Our Promise Keeping God

We often find ourselves stretched on difficult days and decision making has the potential to become a challenge. Times will come when we might regret making a commitment, yet it is necessary to keep one’s word. But there is a sense in which, despite our best efforts, every promise we make is conditional because we […]

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The Problem of Moral Deception

We are living in a world drifting further and further away from God’s moral principles. Nations once claiming to be Christian are now promoting ideals completely contrary to the Scriptures. American public life once stood reliant on the state to endorse long-standing Christian values that had proven themselves over time. It made sense that laws […]

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When the Last Fledgling Flies

Common Issues in Biblical Counseling, Part Five For most of us, years seem to fly by. When the last child leaves home, it’s common for parents to meet reality with contradictory emotions. You might be asking yourself, How did we get here? This particular life transition comes with major change. It can be confusing to […]

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Peace Reigns in my Soul

Monday will be my 61st birthday. I’m sharing my writing from 2020. Thoughts on my Upcoming Birthday My writing desk today is a wooden table with a spectacular view. While nestled in the mountains of Van Buren County, the blue skies and gentle breeze affords me a quiet setting for reflection. The country road to […]

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