Contentment, Topical Study

Contentment, Part Four

The Foundation of Contentment A. W. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Most times, people lack knowledge of God's identity, God's nature, and God's character. Our God is incomprehensible but we do know a few things about him with study of the Word. We know… Continue reading Contentment, Part Four

Bible Study, Discernment, The Letter of James

Visible Faith – The Letter of James

Sometimes Hollywood celebrities promote acts of kindness, leaving the impression that they are making the world a better place. Good deeds might lead us to believe a person is of good character, but we are usually assuming falsely. Truth is, it makes them feel better about themselves. Commonly understood but not often stated, an act… Continue reading Visible Faith – The Letter of James

Contentment, Topical Study

Contentment, Part Three

Contentment is for Every Christian Early in this series, we established that contentment is independent of circumstances. In Part Two, we looked at where contentment is rooted. Both are contrary to the consistent message of the world: that happiness is found in more, better, and newer experiences. Contentment goes beyond emotions; it is never dependent… Continue reading Contentment, Part Three

Bible Study, The Letter of James

Counterfeit Christianity – The Letter of James

I live in the South, where we are quick to affirm our faith in the lyrics of our music, in wearing gimmicky T-shirts, and by drinking from coffee mugs with catchy Christian slogans. Our day-to-day Bible belt conversations are laced with Christianese, but do we actually stop to examine whether our professions of faith are… Continue reading Counterfeit Christianity – The Letter of James

Contentment, Topical Study

Contentment, Part Two

Where is Contentment Rooted? In Part One, we saw contentment as hard doctrine intersecting with real life: True contentment is not dependent on circumstances. Contentment does not envy people, places, or things. Difficult times and hard circumstances come for every believer but God promises that He will be with us, strengthening us. For the Christian,… Continue reading Contentment, Part Two