Ruth: More Than a Love Story

What woman doesn’t love the dynamics of a love story? Whether a love story is read or watched, a good romance reveals setting and plot with most emphasis on characters. Well-written classics include the unlikely tales of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Wuthering Heights. And then, there are timeless tales set to stage: Casablanca, […]

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Are You Number One?

“Follow your heart” they say. “Do what feels right to you” they tell us. The voices of our society assure us our feelings rule. We are awesome just the way we are because we are number one. Do you recognize individualism, pride, or idolatry? Are you willing to admit we get caught up in the […]

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Spiritual Influence

As women… We have God-given potential to make a profound impact on church and family. If we are to leave a legacy of Christian faith, it is crucial we gain, retain, and share biblical knowledge for the benefit of those individuals we know and love. Do you recognize your spiritual influence, where it lies and possibilities […]

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Rest: Satisfied in Jesus Christ

In previous posts for this series, we have explored rest in relation to trusting God, imaging God, and obeying God. In this final post, we consider what it looks like to rest in the midst of difficulties because as Christians, we are able to have a satisfied spirit while resting in Jesus. How do we […]

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Rest: Obeying God

True rest is where we regularly, intentionally engage in God’s rule and reign in our hearts.  Who rules your heart? Since God’s promise of rest still remains for those who choose to enter it, they should seize the opportunity. The rest that awaits is a spiritual rest that comes only from placing one’s full allegiance in […]

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Rest: Imaging God

What are you pursuing that promises Deeper rest? I’m convinced that each woman has something in her heart that she falsely believes will bring her rest. Many, no…most times, we are looking for peace, joy…rest in all the wrong places. Whether it’s the calendar we keep or the life choices we make in the midst […]

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Rest: Trusting God

I sat across from the younger woman and as we enjoyed our lunch, I said “My plate is literally empty.” Ironically, I wasn’t referring to the plate resting on the table in front of me but rather the squares on my calendar, the to-do list, and the usual stack of files on the corner of my […]

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